Royalton Public Schools

During its growing, bustling days, Royalton had three school building sites, one on the east side
of town and two on the west side.
Directly south of the Best Way store were two frame buildings, one for lower grades and the other for intermediate grades. At the north end of Pecan Street was the three-storied brick Logan school, named after Gen. John A. Logan. It had lower grade students on the bottom floors and the seventh and eighth graders on the top floor. On the east side, the brick building had classrooms surrounding a large center room called the gym. Each individual room opened to the outside and also to the gym. It taught all grades and three years of high school. The land for these schools had been part of the Sims farm, the Curtis farm, and the Mitchell addition to Royalton.



East Side School

The part of the building near the flag was the Logan school. In the late 30's the WPA built the addition. It accommodated all grades and a four-year high school which was on the top floor.

Royalton Grade/High School~~Closed By Consolidation