The Royalton Public Library District was established in the November 1983 election. The newly elected Board of Trustees held their first meeting on January 17, 1983. The seven Trustees were Mike Derbak, Milta Garavalia, Sandra Gulley, Joe Blazine, Dianne Throgormorton, Mark Stevens and Renee Lefler. Officers were appointed at that meeting and Mike Derbak became our first President, Joe Blazine, Vice President, Sandra Gulley, Treasurer and Dianne Throgmorton, Secretary.

The Library had existed for some time as a Reading Room before it became a Library District. Many volunteers were responsible for setting up and organizing the Reading Room.

Our first President served from 1984-1987 and was succeeded by Joe Blazine, who
served until 1993. Our third and current President is Pat Knox. Other trustees who have served during the years were: Jim Broshears, Ron Knox and John McNeal. Current Trustees are Milta Garavalia, Renee Lefler, Vice President, Sharon Houston, Secretary, Bob Jenni, and Donald Walden. The Library has been served by two librarians. Debbie Buckingham from 1984 1992, and Shirley Perryman from 1992 until the present
The Library has been supported through the years by taxes, state grants, donations by individual and organizations, and fund raisers. A great supporter of the Library was a group called "Friends of the Library". They did an excellent job and donated many items such as encyclopedias, film projector, TY/VCR, etc. That group disbanded in 1992.

Some of the programs which have been offered by the Library are: Pre-School Story House, Summer Reading Program (for pre-school and elementary), Senior Citizen programs, and a craft class.
The Library is a resource for school reports, individuals researching topics of interest, VCR tapes, audio tapes, films and talking books for the visually impaired. Patrons can also make use of the copy machine.
Royalton Public Library has many periodicals as well as books. Through the services offered by Shawnee Library Systems, we have access to a wide range of materials.

Two lots were donated to the library by the late Mr. Charles Cavaiani and his wife, Mabel, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cavaiani, who once resided on those lots on South Dean. Mrs. Mabel Cavaiani has written several cookbooks which we have for rental at the Library. 11 is hoped that the lots can be used as a building site sometime. the future.

Julie Lembo donated a slide projector in memory of her late husband, Mike There are also some items of historical interest housed at our Library. The first Postmaster's desk from the original Post Office is there, built by Mr. Fiss. There is a collection of "Royalton News" newspapers dated from February to
December 1923. This was a weekly publication. library hour are from 1:00 - 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and the phone number is 984-2189.

Current needs of the Library are air-conditioning and more space. We now occupy one room of the Village Hall Building.