Postmaster: Dan Edwards


The Royalton Post Office presently serves 455 PO Boxes and 325 Rural Route customers.

July--2007 Royalton Postmaster, Dan Edwards, displays Special Cancellation Banner In Celebration of Royalton's 100th Birthday--1907--2007.


July--2007 Royalton Postmaster, Dan Edwards, Royalton Post Office is seen here using an antique desk from Royalton's First Post Office, and employing a special pictorial stamp commemorating the recent 100th Birthday Celebration.


Below is a continuation of the list of Postmasters, Titles, and Dates of Installation since the printing of the 'Royalton Post Office' information taken from the Royalton Round-Up Booklet in 1993. You may refer to the next page for that information.


Dan Edwards




June 21, 1997



 April, 2002~~The Royalton Post Office, 62983, Shown In The Above Photos Is Upgraded With A Ramp
And Hand Rails, Facilitating Those With Disabilities.


 Don Tornatore-Manager of Marketing, David Mueller-Manager of Retail,
Sherry King-Postmaster Relief, Dan Edwards-Postmaster,
Larry Lankheit-Post Office Operations Manager For 629 Offices

 Royalton Post Office Receives Award for Sales of
Breast Cancer Research Stamps!

Royalton, 62983, has certainly received it's share of awards, so understandably, our Post Office would be among the recipients.

The Royalton Post Office won the Breast Cancer Research Stamp Promotion for AP 9, FY 2002. Royalton had the highest sales for these stamps for Post Offices of similar size in the Gateway District of St. Louis. During the four week promotion, 62983's sales totaled $180.00. Postmaster, Dan Edwards and Postmaster Relief, Sherry King each received $25.00 Gift Certificates.

The Breast Cancer Stamps sold for $9.00 for 20 stamps, of which $1.60 went to breast cancer research.

Nationwide, as of August 9, 2002, the U. S.Postal Department had sold 397.3 Million Breast Cancer Stamps. Total sales revenue was $160.2 Million of which $27.6 Million was raised for research.

Dan wishes to extend a "Thank You" to the patrons of the Royalton Post Office for bringing recognition to our office and town.