South Mine #5--Shaft Mine
Opened 1904--Closed 1920

(I cannot be certain that either of these is an actual photo of the South Mine #5, but having found the first photo in an old family album and noting that there are three stacks instead of the one stack shown in all the photos of Mine #7, I am inclined to believe that the first photo is authentic and the second photo could possibly also be authentic--a view from a different angle.)

( "In 1904, the Franklin County Coal Company sank the South Mine in Section 32, just north of the Williamson County line.")

Located on the Iron Mountain Railway, the tipple was constructed of wood.

Comments: I have read that "The South Mine closed in 1920. It was a wet mine and it got to the
place where it took all the profit to pump the water out".

I would be extremely pleased to have input from the public regarding any of these mines and certainly would
be happy to publish photos should such be available.

Hopefully, there will be a page of information about the Lyda B #15 Slope Mine,
Opened 1949 and Closed in 1952, but, as yet, I am unable to supply further information. Perhaps you can be
of help.

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