(Information Taken From the 1993 Round-Up Booklet.)



The Royalton Rebekah Lodge was instituted in 1912 with Hanie Williams as Noble

Rebekah Lodge motto was based on Friendship, Love and Truth, and Helping

The meetings were held in the Miner's Hall with a large membership. We met every
Tuesday night with a large attendance with refreshments and fellowship after the meeting.
lf a member needed help in any way, the members were always there to help.
This is what Rebekah was all about.

When the Miners Hall was no longer available to us, we tried having the meetings
in the homes, but it was not satisfactory. So we were forced to close as we had no place to meet.

Two of the members still belong to the Rebekahs, Opal Fox a member of Carterville Lodge and Margaret Tulo a member of a Rebekah Lodge in Chicago.