"Margherio Family Photos"
(Information submitted to www.royaltonillinois.com by Gloria & David Poole of South Carolina.)

These pictures and information are provided by Josephine Margherio Bertinetti who resides in SC. Mrs. Bertinetti is going to be 94 in January and is very active and still has a very vivid memory of Royalton and its residents

School picture of 3rd grade includes Margaret Lenzotti 2nd row from top, 3rd person in from left; same row, 6th from left is Pauline Margherio; and at far right of same row is Eva Lenzotti (sister of Margaret and Erma Lenzotti, who still resides in Royalton and is often visited by her sister Margaret. 
Picture of road machinery was taken in 1922 on Route # 149, one mile west of Royalton. Persons in photo are Louise and Ann Margherio (cousins).
Photo of tractor was taken in 1922 on Route #149 before it was paved. Persons on tractor are Ann and Josephine Margherio. (Louise and Josephine are the sisters of the late Domenick Margherio ( died June 2002) who lived on the southwest corner of #149 and Oak St.

Photos of store were taken in 1927 or 1928. Store was owned by Pete Mainine and later by Ed Potocki. This photo was finished by the Kodak Dept. Of Machiels Studio, Art & Gift Shop, West Church, Benton, Illinois. Persons in photo (showing full front of the store) are left to right, Lena Margherio, Frank Helenor and Louise Margherio.

Persons in this photo (with homes in the background) are left to right, Minnie Bosoloni, Lena Margherio, and Frank Helenor.