Meetings: 6:00 P.M.--4th Tuesday Of Each Month
Royalton Community Building
401 South Main Street
Royalton, Illinois 62983


 (Information Taken From the Ninth Annual Royalton Labor Day Round-Up Booklet,
September 5 and 6, 1993.)



The first Lions Club in Royalton was organized in 1926 with 35 members who met
every other Wednesday at 12:10 at the Christian Church. They were affiliated with the
Royalton Booster Club. Dr. W. R. Tweedy was President and A. C. Bollheimer served
as the first Secretary of the club.

The club was listed as Inactive February 1930 and remained so until May 1935 at
which time Spec. Rep. Bishop reorganized the club March 2, 1936. President
Sauerwein reported the club had a difficult time functioning due to the fact Royalton
was a mining town and conditions were not too good. The members felt the need of
a club but just could not maintain their membership. At request of Dist. Guy Ray, the
club was again considered Inactive. Matters' were referred to C. W. Bishop for

November 6, 1936, Bishop visited the club and reported the leaders were not very
certain as to what could be done. The mines have opened up and business is improving.
It was suggested the Chapter be retained until the first of the year. If the club cannot be reorganized then, it is to be canceled.

December 6, 1936, Father Charles Seifert talked to Bishop about the club and felt
it could be reorganized soon. He planned to talk to some of the old members about the matter. Canceled as defunct March 31, 1937. 16 members were on the rolls when it was disbanded.

Some of the activities undertaken by the members at that time were: Boosted paved
streets and roads, cleaned streets and allies, cooperated in erecting bridges, erected
aviation signs, and graveled roads.

The Lions Club was again reorganized and Chartered June 1, 1949. The Charter was presented at the school building and they were sponsored by the Hurst Lions Club.

Their first meetings were held at the school building.
Americo Bellina and Dr. Spector donated the land and the Lions Club built their
building on South Dean Street in 1962 and the ball park was lighted.

The Lions would sponsor a homecoming each summer for three years. They would have a Queen and a Princess each year. Leta LeVan Bleyer was the first Queen. As
one of their prizes for winning, the winners would be taken to St. Louis to go on the
River Boat.

When the school house had a fire, Milta Garavalia would teach her classes in the
Lions building.

Once a month the Lions would have Ladies Night and have a potluck dinner.

In addition to the traditional Lions Club activities (eyesight, glasses, etc.) the club
supports many community projects (cemetery, little league, food bank, Christmas
baskets, etc.) and is always ready to lend support to a worthwhile cause.

The club meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. at the Community

Charter Members from 1949 were: Carl Baggett, Americo Bellina, L. R. Clutts,
Eugene Diuguid, Eugene Domineck, William Duncan, Robert C. Ervin, Jesse Garavalia, Lincoln Hardcastle, William A. Jacquot, Raymond Jasudowicz, Henry A. Kinsman, Ted Kozer, John LeVan, William MacKenzie, Frank Menghini, Stanley Norville, Guido Quartieri, Gus Quoss, Samuel Royster.

Present Members Are: Carl Baggett, Sam Baltrusis, John Bianchini, Kenneth
Calvert, Virgil Carpenter, Eugene Diuguid, Dave Dobill, Randy Domineck (Club
Secretary), John Gaddis, Jesse Garavalia, Clyde Hite, (Club President), Gary Imhoff, Bob Jenni, Ben Kalert, (Club Treasurer), Noah King, Ted Kozer, Steve Leach, Frederick Lukek, Walter Maleski, Jerry McDowell, Van McGill, Ray Miller, Jack Nolan, Jack Smith, Bill Swain, and Don Walden.

Photo Submitted By Mickey Smith
Top Row (Left to Right): 'Huck' Wohlwend, ?, Bob Ervin.
Bottom: Ted Kozer

 1st Row: Ransom Christian, Jake Maleski, Ed Spiller's Son, Charley Hopgood, Mike Larwinski, John Young, Americo Bellina, Brick Hardcastle, George Johnson, Carol Hannah.

2nd Row: Chuck Batson, Lawrence Dominick, Jr., Charles Tefertiller, Joe Maleski, Bob Ervin, Harry Schumacher, Browning (?), Logan Viernum, Alex Young, Jr.

Top Row: Herman Kabara, Chuck Simmons, Jim Hicks, Ed Potocki, Ray Jadwick, William McDowell, Bill Sohn, John Dobill, Mike Akulow, Eddie Jakoboski.

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This Information Was Submitted By The McPhail Family Of Royalton.



"Charter Night Program" of the Royalton Lions Club held on Tuesday, June 14, 1949 furnished by Ronnie Ervin,, Bob Ervin's son (Bob Ervin was President of the Royalton Lions Club at the time of this program.)

Our "Thanks" to Ronnie Ervin & Anita (Ervin) Anderson for submitting this valuable piece of history for the Royalton Web Site.


"The Light Eternal"
A Christmas Play sponsored by the Royalton Lions Club and held in the Royalton School Gymnasium on December 8th & 9th, 19??.

Our "Thanks" to Ronnie Ervin & Anita (Ervin) Anderson for submitting this valuable piece of history for the Royalton Web Site.