Ervin's Flowers And Gifts
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Ervin's Flowers & Gifts, owned by the Babe Ervin family and operated by Mrs. Esther Ervin & sons Bob and Benny, was first located in downtown Royalton, 300 Block of South Main in the early 40's. The shop later moved to East Third Street directly behind the residence of the Ervin family. Bob and wife, Melba , assumed operation of the shop in the late 40's. Both the home and shop can still be found at the same location. The shop closed in 1954.
(Thanks to Anita (Ervin) Anderson for submitting these photos.)

Ervin's Flowers and Gifts, a landmark of the Village of Royalton, was a thriving business, and it was a common sight to see the delivery truck going and coming, delivering the most beautiful flowers ever seen to homes in Royalton. I, for one, can recall a particularly lovely corsage, a very special gift from the beau at the time, presented on a special occasion such as the Royalton High School Prom. I can still recall the fragrance of the Gardenia I so proudly wore on one of those special nights.

Oh, the things we take for granted and believe they will always be, but alas, this is not to happen. These happy times of our past will remain a part of our lives, and will always be held in our memory.


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