The Following Information Taken From the 1993 Round-Up Booklet)

(Photos Supplied By My Mother, Mrs. Evelyn Lee, (Momma)


A group of baptized believers, having previously met for some time in the old Methodist Church building in Royalton, called a meeting for the purpose of organizing
on September 7, 1922, in a tent being used for an evangelistic meeting.
The following group of 46 people were organized as the Christian Church of
Royalton, Illinois:
W. A. Schirmer, Hannah Deans, Lewis Hiller, Grace Chitwood, Edith Stuart, John
Lovelace, Willie Simpson, Mildred Loval, Ethel Pohlman, Ruby Rentfro, Laura B.
Kirkpatrick, SuI a Schirmer, Lucretia Curtis, Mary R. Thornton, Maude Hiller, Ernest
Hiller, Pearl Heberer, George Frame, Priscilla Martin, Hattie Hudelson, Herman Strauss, Vem Hiller, William Loval, Jr., I. B. Martin, Amelia Stuart, Earl Stuart, Henry
Stuart, C. C. Simpson, Ed Simpson, Bertha Reeves, Mary Strauss, Nell Craft, Ella Mannering, Julia Wells, Alice Smith, Addie Martin, Hattie Williams, Edith Schmitt,
Grace Tweedy, Roy Kirkpatrick, W. R. Kirkpatrick, Blanche Heberer, Guy Martin,
Bessie Rooney, Florence Wells and Howard Loval.
They selected Irl Sidwell as the temporary chairman. Following their organization
the congregation met in the Miner's Hall and show buildings.



During this time
services were conducted by Brothers Sidwell, Shively, and Ealy.
In the Spring of 1923 they decided to buy two lots from Dr. W. A. Tweedy on which
to erect a house of worhsip. On October 6, 1923 the church board authorized Brother
Shively to draw up plans and specifications for this house. On or about October 15,
actual construction of the building was begun.
During the summer of 1924 another tent meeting was held by the church. Virgil
P. Brock brought the messages and the singing was led by Clark and Sells. During this
meeting approximately 150 people were added to the church.
In the fall of 1925 during the ministry of G. W. Rowlinson church services were
moved to the basement of the present building. Following his ministry Brother Ament
of Herrin conducted services once a month for a period of time. During his ministry
the church was incorporated on July 26, 1928, as the First Christian Church of
Royalton, and authorized the issuing of $17,000 in bonds to payoff the indebtedness.
After Brother Ament left, services were conducted once a month for several years with
Hosea Borum and Walter Schirmer filling the pulpit.
On Novembe 5, 1933 Len Faull began his ministry with the church and had a very
productive tour of service. During the year of 1939 Jack Martin began preaching for the congregation and was ordained by the church on
December 31,1939.
In 1942, Charles DuBois began his ministry with the local church and closed his services in September, 1945. During his ministry the indebtedness of the church was paid off and a building fund started.
In February, 1946, W. H. Eckroth began his ministry with the Royalton Church. The building fund was increasing steadily and hopes for the completion of the building began to rise.
In October, 1947, plans were dawn up for the completion of the church building under the direction of Brother Ernest Pierce, who was chairman of the Board. Actual
labor was begun immediately toward the completion of the main auditorium. For the next two and a half years many hours of labor were spent by the men of the congregation in finishing the building. All the work was done by donated labor with the exception. of the plastering and the laying of the finish floor in the main auditorium,
The first worship service in the new auditorium was conducted on July 3, 1949. Brother Eckroth closed his ministry in Royalton in October, 1950. The actual amount
of money spent in finishing and furnishing the building was $12,937.50. The amount previously expended was $23,472, making a grand total of $36,409.50~~(Evelyn Lee, Church Treasurer).

During 1951 Don Prickett ministered to the congregation. Ira Adams ministered to the congregation from June, 1952 until October, 1955.
Lester A. Euell began his work as minister in Royalton on February 1, 1956. During 1956 all previous attendance records were shattered as the church experienced a record year.
In 1962 Richard E. Boroff began his ministry with the Royalton Christian
Church. Brother Boroff continued his ministry until 1967.
 Ministers serving since 1967
1967-1969 - Don Wright
1969-1972 - Bob O'Brien
1972-1974 - Marcus Haskins
1974-1976 - David Harmon
1976-1979 - Rufus Gerkin
1979-1981 - Hurley Edwards
1981-1985 - John Rutherford
1985-1986 - Shannon Garverick
1986-1987 - Scott Payne
1987- - Jack Smith