The Following Information Taken From The 1993 Round-Up Booklet)


Original Royalton Apostolic Church--Photographed 2003

 The Royalton Apostolic Church was established in 1944 by a group of seven women who made doughnuts and buns and sold them. Their children would go from door to door and sell them. Bud Carpenter would take Mrs. Forbes and Minnie Carver to the Zeigler and West Frankfort banks on miners' payday. He would leave them for a while to collect donations from the miners. He would then go back and get them and take them home. There were also other donations given to them. They bought the cinder blocks with the money A tin ceiling was installed and it was painted green and white. They had a coal stove which was set at the back of the church and would gather around it for service because of the cold. They didn't have a preacher for a long, so Minnie Carver was the teacher as well as the preacher at that time. They would sing, testify, pray, and shout and dance. They had many good times there.

The names of the seven pioneer women who Modena Carpenter, Minnie Carver, Opal Forbes, Maize Tefferteller, Maude Hicks, Mrs. Winett, and Pansy Winett. It was a great blessing when a coal furnace and restroom were put in.

Orville Rae, Bro. Brown, Willie Smith, Robert Yonts were many of the early pastors
of the church. Prior to the church building they held services in a store building in town.

Gradually the Royalton Apostolic Church grew with each pastor that came. The
inside of the church began to change. The furnace was put in the back of the church in a room that doubled for the kitchen. Paneling then went up and a new lower ceiling was installed.
One of the members (who is now deceased) whose name was Bro. Moore, did the carpentry work. Raymond Smith was the Pastor for a number of years, then Bro. Sherman Spiller became the Pastor for the next 25 years.

Then came the addition of Sunday School rooms and a fellowship hall. The new addition was dedicated to Willie Smith.

Other Pastors in the church history were Bro. Beal from Harrisburg, Bro. Nickols and Sister Perryman for a short time.

A new fellowship hall has now been established where the laundromat once stood. This was done under the direction of our present Pastor, Bro. Noel Gene Loyd. He and his wife, Sis. Betty Loyd, have blessed our church immensely. The church appreciates the Loyd's never tiring efforts to help the church grow. They have worked with the young people under the direction of their son and daughter-in-law, Tommy and Gerry Lynn Loyd. They have had many good times, but most importantly, they are teaching them the word of God.

Royalton Apostolic Church is proud to announce that next year we will be celebrating the church's 50th anniversary.

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